Theresa's clear, consistently objective insight keeps me on track and helps me develop the skills I need to be an effective manager. She asks the hard questions, offers great constructive suggestions, supports me in my efforts, and pulls no punches. - Vailey Oehlke, Director of Libraries, Multnomah County

Theresa is trustworthy, straightforward, knowledgeable, and a pleasure to work with. Her diagnosis of various organizational dynamics and ability to provide innovative recommendations for change have been wonderfully effective. - Joy McCammon, Vice-President for Organizational Development and HR, OHSU Foundation

I appreciate that Theresa's and Ximena's exercises really pushed our team outside of its comfort zone - we were able to transform our office into an exceptionally functioning team. -
Team member, Dept of Community Svcs, Mult County

Theresa has her own special brand of thoroughness and clarity of purpose, and a no-nonsense, almost psychic ability to enable people to finally see their personal barriers to success and confront them, with amazing results.  - Bob Davis, President/CEO, Trane Oregon

Theresa is an extraordinary listener and teacher. I seldom leave a session with her without feeling a bit wiser than before. Joe Army, CEO, Vapotherm

I have learned so many things from Ximena that have helped me be a better manager. - Suzanne Maddux, Controller, Mackin's Auto Body

I really appreciate Theresa's and Ximena's ability to adapt topics to our team and specific needs. We were able to apply concepts directly to our work. - Team member, Dept of Community Svcs, Mult County

Theresa is a supportive and non-judgmental coach with just the right amount of humor. - Karen Schilling, Director of Transportation and Land Use Planning, Multnomah County

Ximena has a professional style that is both instructive and relatable - coaching that has been instrumental in my ability to clearly communicate with clients and contractors. - Kristina Barton, Founder, BarKton Studios